Rosewood Small Business Enhancement Grant 

About the small business enhancement grant :

This program provides grants of up to $25,000 to small businesses within The Rosewood Initiative’s NPI district (pictured here). These grants must be used for onsite renovations or construction projects at your business. We are especially interested in projects that improve the overall appearance of the neighborhood. The projects must be permanent, such as new lighting, signage, fencing, murals or painting, landscaping, etc.

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Grant overview:

Watch the overview video we made to learn more about our grant!

If you have concerns about meeting the match requirement, please let us know and we will work with you to figure out how to meet this need. If you need assistance with completing the application, we are happy provide assistance.


Please contact Merrill Liddicoat at or 971-570-0078 with questions.

Grant Application

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We have provided an application to download for those who prefer a written application. We have provided an overview of the grant, landlord approval document, and a checklist to ensure you turn in all required documents. 

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Hemos proporcionado una aplicación para descargar para aquellos que prefieren una aplicación escrita. Hemos proporcionado una visión general de la subvención, el documento de aprobación del propietario y una lista de verificación para asegurar que usted entregue todos los documentos requeridos.

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