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Building a safe, healthy and vibrant community where neighbors can thrive together.


Rosewood is a place that neighbors are proud to call home:


Neighbors want to feel accepted, welcome and safe in their community.

Neighbors want affordability, in housing and in life.

Neighbors want to see positive, healthy businesses and amenities that are easily accessible.

Neighbors want to celebrate their own cultures and learn about others.

Neighbors want a spectrum of services that will help them improve their lives.

Neighbors want a beautiful community.


Hope – We believe that together we can make positive change, in ourselves and in the community.

Equity – We respect the dignity of every person in our community; everyone belongs and everyone has something to offer.

Transformation – We open up opportunities and offer support for people to make change for themselves and the community.

Connection – We believe that people learn, grow and change through relationships over time.

Commitment – We don’t give up on people or on our community.

Where is Rosewood?

We consider the Rosewood neighborhood to be walking distance, or about a half mile radius, from the Max light rail station at 162nd Ave and Burnside on the border of Portland and Gresham, Oregon. The boundaries of the neighborhood are not formal, but rather recognize how Rosewood residents experience their lives.  

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Who is Rosewood

Rosewood is a beautiful community and one of the most diverse places in the State of Oregon. It is home to more than 14,000 people from all over the world, people that are strong, resilient, talented, inspiring and full of dreams and potential.

We also know that Rosewood neighbors are struggling. The area has a high concentration of poverty, high crime, unsafe streets and inadequate public transit, parks and other amenities. Schools in the Rosewood area are struggling with external factors they cannot control and early childhood services are lacking. Education and health outcomes fall below the regional averages. There are few local jobs and businesses to serve neighborhood needs. Many buildings, both commercial and residential, are neglected and in poor condition. Our neighbors generally have fewer opportunities to live a high quality of life compared with people in other areas of the Portland Metro region.

Rosewood is a community coming together for positive change.

The Rosewood Initiative is a nonprofit community based organization that has been implementing neighbor-led strategies since 2009. Our community center, Rosewood, provides space for people to gather, connect to resources, celebrate and work on projects that improve their lives and the community. As we grow our impact, we are making transformational change to the conditions in the community that make it possible for everyone to thrive.

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Dear Rosewood Community and Partners,


The team here at The Rosewood Initiative is taking COVID-19 and our responsibility to the community very seriously. After much deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to close the center and cancel gatherings until further notice.