health &Wellness

Quarterly Health Fairs

Each quarter, we host Health & Wellness Fairs in partnership with Community Services Network. At these events, we invite 20-30 different nonprofit and government partners to share resources and health-related services with the community. Health & Wellness Fairs also feature free food boxes, PPE, and other supplies. 

Next Health & Wellness Fair: 
September 30th
3:00PM - 6:00PM

Thank you to our partners at Community Services Network for making these events possible!

Wellness Wednesdays


Wellness Wednesdays were started with an intent of connecting community members to health and wellness resources in the Rosewood community on a more regular basis. These events are smaller than the Health & Wellness Fairs, providing a space for participants to build a deeper connection with the service providers on site. 

2nd Wednesday of every month
1:00PM - 4:00PM

Wellness Wednesdays Core Partners

  • Portland Parks & Recreation

  • CareOregon

  • bike works by p:ear

  • Community Services Network

  • Outside In

Wellness Wednesday Flyer-1.png