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Rosewood Conceptual Neighborhood Master Plan

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Located between the SE 148th corridor to the west and Rockwood to the east, Rosewood is a large, loosely-defined area roughly encompassed by a ½-mile radius drawn with The Rosewood Initiative (SE 162nd and Stark) at its center. The Urban Design Framework capitalizes on the strengthened relationships between evolving land uses, infrastructure, and assets in this area.

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Gateway features (via architecture, public art, lighting, landscaping, etc.) should mark the major entrances into (or points of arrival at) the Village Core along both SE Stark and SE 162nd.


To build out the existing limited street network, new street connections and intersections are proposed to break down superblocks and improve connectivity for all modes - but will be especially crucial for pedestrians. The Framework identifies some local streets as “greenways,” providing additional priority to bicyclists and other active transportation modes. Additionally, new pedestrian-only (trail) connections are proposed to further build out the network. 

And to improve the identity of Rosewood, streetscape improvements to 162nd and Stark are proposed in two flavors (Boulevard and Urban), focused on traffic calming, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and character. Safe crossing locations are also identified at regular intervals.

Central to the Framework is the Village Core focused in the ¼-mile circle around the SE 162nd / Stark intersection. “The place to be,” the parcels around the intersection will change over time to accommodate additional density, retail and community uses, public gathering space, and placemaking features. The parks, schools, shops, transit stops, and destinations in the Village Core should all be within a 5- to 10-minute walk - accessible to the majority of the community.

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