Dear Rosewood Community and Partners,


The team here at The Rosewood Initiative is taking COVID-19 and our responsibility to the community very seriously. After much deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to close the center and cancel gatherings until further notice.

Supporting the Rosewood Community during COVID-19

Our Rosewood families and businesses need us now more than ever. When this health pandemic started, we knew the Rosewood community was going to be hit the hardest and wanted to ensure we had ways to support the community. We've organized two different fundraisers that can help individuals and businesses in Rosewood! 

For any questions or concerns, contact Jossie at

All proceeds for the Guerreras Latinas COVID-19 Relief Fund will go directly to participants in the Guerreras Latinas program. The funds will help with partial rent payments, utility assistance, toiletries, and other essential items.

Our emergency fund (Send a Meal, Support a Rosewood Business) helps feed residents at two Human Solutions emergency shelters and supports two Rosewood businesses to survive the economic impacts of COVID-19.


“I feel prideful to tell people that I volunteer at Rosewood, I love coming here. It brings me joy to be able to contribute to my community, and I keep learning and keep growing in doing so. 


—  Dennis Rojas-Juarez

How We Do It:

The Rosewood Initiative is a place-based nonprofit that supports community-driven solutions for a healthier neighborhood. We work together with neighbors and partners to make an impact on the lives of Rosewood residents.



Increasing social cohesion and neighborhood pride by bringing people together to celebrate and foster relationships across differences.



Supporting neighborhood stability and vitality by improving access to family-wage career paths and entrepreneurship.



Improving residents' long-term health outcomes by taking a holistic, culturally responsive approach to wellbeing. 


Connecting residents to regional amenities through community advocacy for safe and efficient multi-modal transportation options.