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Do you have fines and fees in Multnomah County?

COVID-19 has resulted in an economic crisis. If you are 200% below the poverty level or receive government benefits you may qualify to have your fines and fees forgiven.

300 people will be randomly selected and contacted via email to complete the next steps. You will only be contacted if your name is selected. Only eligible fines qualify (no restitution or open/pending cases). No community service requirements

Frequently asked questions

Who qualifies for the Spring Legal Services Day?

People who qualify: 1) Have not been a participant of a Legal Services Day in the last 18 moths (NOVEMBER 2019) 2) Below 200% the poverty level or recieve governement benefits. 3) You cannot be in prison or jail.

What is below 200% the poverty level?

Reference the chart below with your family size and total annual income. Your income cannot be bigger than the number stated for you to be below 200% of the poverty line.

How long will the application be open?

The application will be live on this page on May 3rd at 8am to May 9th at 8pm.

What if I need an expungement?

Expungements will not be offered for this Legal Services Day. Unfortuntely because of COVID-19 we cannot do in-person events. In order for expungements to happen, people need to come in person. You can call the District Attorney's office and ask about expungements - (503) 988-3162

Do I have to complete community service hours?

No, because of COVID-19 we are not asking people to do community service for everyone's well-being and will not be required for this Legal Services Day.

How long will it take to see my fines and fees removed and appear on my account?

Due to COVID-19, everything is taking longer to process. We ask that if you are chosen you wait 3-4 months from the date that your order is submitted before calling the Multnomah County Courthouse to check if everything is cleared.

What cannot be cleared through Legal Services Day?

Child Support, probation fees, restitution, compensatory fines, open cases, pending DUI Diversion fees, and some DUI fines within the last 6 years can not be cleared through Legal Services Day. An attorney will review all your cases to determine whether they are eligible or not and you may be contacted, via email, if there are cases that do not qualify. Please ensure you are checking your email daily.

Can a Caseworker from a Social Service organization assist me in filling out the forms?

YES, caseworkers can both enter their participants into the initial application process (link below) and if that person is selected as one of the 300, the caseworker has the option of signing the sworn declaration on behalf of their participant so long as they have their participants permission.