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Legal Services Day

In 2017, The Rosewood Initiative, Metropolitan Public Defenders (MPD) office, and Multnomah County began hosting Legal Services Day. Our community center turned into a courthouse for a full day every other month, and we were able to see about 150 people each time. People have been able to exchange community service hours and get their fines and fees cleared in Multnomah County. This has been one of the most asked programs and we have seen the everlasting impact it has in the lives of the community for the past 4 years.

We are happy to announce that Legal Services Day will be working a bit differently going forward. Instead of larger less frequent Legal Services Day events, MPD has changed Legal Services Day. so that it is now rolling admission.  That means community members can sign up at any point to enter into the pool.  They will be selecting 60 people randomly from that pool at the end of every month.  Those 60 people will be screened and, if eligible, will be invited to continue along the process of getting their fines waived. Those not selected will have to sign up again the next month to re-enter the pool.  Sign-ups are through the MPD website.

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