For the past year, we have intentionally taken more time in equity work because as an organization, it is really important for us to make sure we are enacting equitable practices every single day in our personal and work lives.  You can read more about our equity framework here.

Equity Statement

The Rosewood Initiative is a place-based, people-first community organization. The organization began as an effort to address community concerns around the concentrated poverty and lack of services that have created barriers to opportunities for people living in the Rosewood neighborhood in East Multnomah County. These place-based inequities are disproportionately experienced by immigrants and refugees, Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Rosewood neighbors are dramatically impacted by systematic racism, wealth, and geographic injustices. We are an anti-racist organization dedicated to celebrating multiculturalism, providing a safe space for all in the Rosewood community and surrounding neighbors. 

Our mission is to work alongside the community and respond to as many of those injustices as possible at the neighborhood level, and to create conditions in Rosewood where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We recognize that inequalities based on one's race, gender, sexuality, ability, age, class, immigration status, religion, and education have created different historical and current experiences based on one's identity(ies). We recognize that inequities are intersectional across different identities. We are committed to equity and ensuring that we are constantly improving our own work as individuals and as an organization to better serve the Rosewood community. Rosewood is dedicated to equity internally and externally and we know this work is a long process without immediate outcomes because this work is difficult. We have to open our hearts and minds, and engage in self reflection on our own roles in racism and white supremacy. We are committed to having hard conversations with each other even if that means it will be uncomfortable.

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