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The Rosewood neighborhood is a beautifully diverse community. We know that the people who belong in this neighborhood are some of the most impacted in the city, and it is the reason why we are a place-based organization. Rosewood neighbors want a neighborhood where they can celebrate their cultures, access affordable housing, positive, healthy businesses and amenities, resources to improve their lives, and most importantly a neighborhood they are proud to call home.  In order to build a safe, healthy, and vibrant community where neighbors can thrive together, the work needs to happen on multiple levels and it is why we focus on people, place, and issue. 


Our work has been the most successful and empowering when we use community leaders to drive change. Our culturally responsive community organizers are representative of the communities they are connecting with. Our community organizers are responsible for maintaining relationships with community members specific to their culture, letting them know about resources, helping them navigate employment services, utility assistance, and other resources to improve their lives. Our community organizers are the bridge to the organization to inform our systems change work. Community Ambassadors offer culturally and linguistically specific support in navigating resources and opportunities for advocacy to make their vision of a thriving, healthy community a reality. 

Multicultural Program

Abidah Jamaluddin


Community Organizer


Bretto Jackson


Community Organizer


Fabiola Sanchez


Community Organizer


Neema Yangi


Community Organizer


Tsering Sherpa

Multicultural Director


The Rosewood neighborhood has been historically underserved and forgotten. In being a place-based organization, we are able to focus on the Rosewood neighborhood and concentrate initiatives for investments in this community. We are able to work alongside community members and actively listen to their needs, and work with partner organizations to bring resources to the community. 

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Our systems change and policy work has resulted in new and increased TriMet service in the neighborhood, investments in neighborhood parks, and improved safety for pedestrians and drivers. Historically we have focused on policy work within the transportation field and have felt the need to expand to overall policy work in which we advocate for affordable housing, economic opportunity, education, and community wellness. This will allow a more equitable distribution of public resources.