Ashton Simpson

Community Asset Planner

Ashton's focus is on improving the community's quality of life in various areas. He is dedicated to seeing that the members of the community see positive growth without displacing them.

Bretto Jackson

Performing Arts Coordinator

Bretto mentors young adults while they develop their music skills and express themselves creatively. 

Jenny Glass

Executive Director

Jenny is our founding Executive Director and works with residents, staff, board members, volunteers and partners to make positive, long-term and lasting change in the Rosewood community. 

Fabiola Sanchez

Rosewood Navigator

Fabiola welcomes community members into the Rosewood community center. She helps them sign in, and navigates them to resources onsite and around the Portland Metro area.

Jossie de la Garza

Director of Communications & Engagment

Strives to guide community members to be leaders and make the changes they want to see in Rosewood. Jossie also does all the graphics.

Kem Marks

Director of Transportation Equity

Kem advocates for increase of transportation options in Rosewood, including safer streets for walking, biking, & driving. He ensures community voices are heard by decision makers

Maddie Shaner

RIHO Coordinator

JVCNW Member

Maddie helps manage volunteers and coordinates programs and outreach for RIHO.  She also provides oversight for RIHO activities and events occurring at the Rosewood community space.

Marissa Clarke

Associate Director

Marissa supports staff in their day to day roles as well as their larger program roles. Making connections between staff, community, and larger initiatives in the area.

Matt Ruddy

Director of Equity & Education

Matt is motivated by gathering resources and increasing opportunities for diverse students, families and community members. He believes that equity begins by recognizing the dignity that every human being deserves.

Merrill Liddicoat

Homeownership Opportunities Coordinator

Merrill's role is to connect Rosewood community members to homeownership and financial stability resources through building partnerships with other organizations.

Yoana Molina-Marcial

Director of Operations

Yoana is a certified community health worker. She handles  space rental for events that will be long-term benefits to our community or for private celebrations.

Board of Directors 

Derric Thompson

Board Member

Derric joined our Board in 2015. He is the owner of a new design and clothing company called 5 Star Goods, a company focused on providing jobs and mentoring for youth. Serving on the board to help the community continue to progress.

Gina Weidrick


Gina joined our Board as Secretary in 2016.  She is an Executive Assistant at Business Oregon and homeowner in the Rosewood neighborhood.

Ian Galloway

Board Chair

Ian joined our Board in 2016. He is a senior research associate and Oregon state community development field manager at The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Jorrel Bello

Board Member

Jorrel joined our Board in 2017. He is an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, works at Otto’s Ski Rental in Sandy, OR and is a former resident of the Rosewood neighborhood.  He is very passionate about nature and volunteering.

Kelly Pauli


Kelly joined our Board in 2012 and has served as Treasurer since March 2014. She is the Office Manager for Freedom Foursquare Church, next to the Rosewood Community Center.

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